Research Day 2020 was not held due to the health restrictions of the COVID 19 Pandemic.

2021 Research Day was held in virtual format as health restrictions continued.

       The Calgary Eye Foundation offers congratulations the following Research Day Award recipients.   The CEF provided each recipient with a $500 cash award.  Thank you to Novartis Canada and Bausch Health Canada for supporting Research Day.     Congratulations to all who submitted Papers and presented Posters at Research Day’s virtual presentation.

Best Paper – Michael Mak  – Affordable 3D printed Frenzel Goggles for Improved Nystagmus Detection. Mak MYK, Hong Y, Moroz D, Benard-Seguin E, Thompson R, Costello F, Subramaniums, Fletcher W, Chung H, Warrian KJ

Best Paper – Amira Kalifa – Semaphorin 3fa as a spatial regulator of progenitor cells in a post-embroyonic retina. Kalifa A, McFarlane S

Best Poster – Abdullah Al Ani – Culture maturation enhances the expression of key genes in stem cell derived RPE – a step on the road of realizing a viable cellular therapy for AMD.  Al-Ani A, Sunba S, Hafeez B, Toms D, Ungrin M

Best Poster – Michael Penny –  Evaluating sucrose as pain management in retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) exams at the Alberta Children’s Hospital Vision Clinic – Preliminary Results  Dotchin SA, Penny M, Sanders E, Lavery K