Dr. Ford and Dr. Al-Ghoul present Dr. Schlenker with a plaque of appreciation

Congratulations to all the presenters at the Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Research Day, held on January 22, 2018 at the Glencoe Club.   The Calgary Eye Foundation is proud to support Research Day.  Our support would not be possible without the funding contributions from the following supporters:  Alcon Canada, Allergan Canada, Bausch + Lomb Canada (Valeant Canada),Glaukos Canada, Johnson & Johnson Vision and Novaratis Canada.  

Special thank you to Dr. Bryce Ford for leading and organizing this event for Calgary’s ophthalmology community.    Dr. Ford will be stepping down from his role and we look forward to working with Dr. Al-Ghoul who will take the lead in organizing this important event for ophthalmology in Calgary.

2018 Judging panel included: Dr. M Schlenker, Dr. W. Stell and Dr. C. Shah

We were pleased to have Dr. Matt Schlenker join us from Toronto, as a visiting professor, judge and presenter.   Dr. Schlenker presented  What can Big Data Teach us that RCT’s Can’t 

The following presentations were recognized as outstanding research projects, posters & paper,  each receiving a $500 award from the Calgary Eye Foundation.


D. Wang 
ISEE ROP – Improving Screeing Examination Gidelines in Retinopathy of Prematurity.  D. Wang, K. Laery, S. Dalgleish, A. Howlette, S. Dotchin, V. Hill
A. Al-Ani
Construction and characterization of RPE Microtissue for retinal transplants.        A. Al-Ani, K. giles, D. toms, Y. touari, J. Biernaskie, C. Schuurmans, M. Ungrin


D. Waldner
 F. Visser, W. Stell ;  Avian Adeno-Associated Viral Transduction of the post-Natal Chick Retina
 B. Poulis
A. Arora, S.Nazarali, B. Ford, P. Gooi;
“Tackdriver” Corneo-Scleral Rim Angle Surgery Model for MIGS Training 
Complete list of presenters
D. Wang, D. Waldner, B. Ford, A. Al-Ani, B. Poulis, G. Williams (CEF), A. Kherani (CEF)