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Papers (Oral Presentations)

G. Bertolesi, S. Vazhappilly, C. Hehr, S. McFarlaneThe non-visual roles of the eye are mediated by melanopsin-expressing retinal ganglion cells.

H. Chung, E. Sanders, J. Bhamra: Current Opinions on Corrective Laser Refractive Surgery

P. Cechmanek. S. McFarlane: Understanding the molecular mechanisms of retinal pigment epithelium development  (Award Recipient)

P. Moinul, A. Crichton, J. Bhamra, A. Kherani: Surgical techniques for the treatment of aqueous misdirection in pseudophakic eyes

C. Murray, G. Williams: ROCRET Study: A Retrospective Observation Case Series Review of Patients with Recalcitrant Neovascular Pigment Epithelial Detachments Transitioned from Intravitreal Ranibizumab to Aflibercept

F. Kassam. Z. Kassam. G. Williams. M. Fielden, M. Smith, E. Alm, A. Kherani: G-EYE Study: Is the human gut microbome linked to the development of uveitis in patients with inflammatory bowel disease?  A pilot, proof-of-concept study.

M. Palakkamanil, M. Fielden: Effects of Malicious Ocular Laser Exposure in Commercial Airline Pilots:  A Retrospective Chart Review  (Award Recipient)

H. Zakrzewski, H. Chung, C. Hanson, B. Ford: Evaluation of occupational ocular trauma: are we doing enough to promote eye safety in the workplace?

J. Nyamori, A. Kherani, G. Williams, M. Fielden: A Retrospective Review to Determine Clinical Advantage of Ultra Widefield Angiographs (UWF) in a Canadian Vitreoretinal Group Practice.

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Micro-tissue engineering for retinal transplantA. Al-Ani, C. Schuurmans, M. Ungrin  (Award Recipient)

Traumatic hyphema in badminton players: Should eye protection be mandatory?  M. Chi, M. Luong, C. Hanson

Exploring the role of semaphorin3f in the development eyeR. Halabi, S. McFarlane

Intravitreal anti-VEGF treatment in eyes with myopic choroidal neovascularization is more effective if administered prior to the fibrotic or atrophic stages of disease progressionD. Moroz, M. Munro, M. Fielden

The History of Vitreoretinal Surgery  M. Palakkamanil, F. Adatia

The Role of the Brain in Lens-Induced_Astigmatism_in_Chicks.   V. Popa, W. Stell, C. Kee

The Goldman tonometer and infectious risk: fact or fiction?  A systematic review of the literttureH. Zakrewski, J. Huang (Award Recipient)

Lhx2/9 transcription factors regulate slit 1 expressionJ. Yang, G. Bertolesi, S. McFarlane

Unilateral Proptosis Following Implantation of an Ahmed Glaucoma Valve in Pediatric Patient.  A. Mahmood, B. Ford

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