All members of our Board volunteer their time to support the mission and fundraising efforts of the Foundation.  Our Executive team steps into the leadership roles, while jointly overseeing all activities of the organization.  Our appointed Directors support specific ophthalmology program development aiding in education and research to support medical students, residents,  fellows, faculty and allied health professionals.

Executive (elected officers)

Dr. Fiona Costello, President (2023)

Dr. Robert Mitchell, Secretary/Treasurer (2024)

Dr. Anna Ells, Vice President (2022)

Board Members (appointed directors)

Dr. Andrew Crichton, Ophthalmology Section Chief

Dr. Helen Chung, Residency Training Program Director

Dr. Alex Ragan, QI Lead

Dr. Paul Huang

Dr. Stephanie Dotchin

Dr. Jit Gohill (Past President)

Dr. Feisal Adatia


Amanda Langer, Communication Director

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