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Papers (Oral presentations)

Car B, Stell W, :  The possible role of Alpha 2A-Adrenergic Receptors in Prevention of Form-Deprivation Myopia in Chick
Moroz D, Corrow S, Corrow J, Barton A, Duchaine B, Barton JThe Localization and Patterns of Dyschromatopsia in Prosopagnosic Subjects
Luong M, Hanson C, Sanders E, Chung H: Bandage contact lens study
Mardinger S, Purba M. Hibma A, Gimbel HSulcoflex piggyback intraocular lens implantation for correction of refractive errors following cataract surgery
Cote S, Mackenzie P, Crichton A: Outcomes of Ahmed Glaucoma Valve Mechanism Removals
Odermatt N, Teves M, Carr B, Shi H, Stell WRetinal Cell-Cell Coupling via Cx35/36-Containing Gap Junctions” Key Role in Visual Processing and Form-Deprivation Myopia (FDM) in Chick (Award Recipient)
Dixit R, Touahri Y, Lawn S, Chen M, Shei T, Chan J, Wallace V, Biernaskie J, Schuumans C:  Skin-derived cells (SKPs) are a novel source of reprogrammable cells for treating retinal diseases by sub-retinal transplantation
Chung H, Sanders E, Bhamra JCurrent Opinions on corrective Refractive Surgery (Award Recipient)
Touahri Y, Dixit R, Zinyk D, Simon  MA, Wallace VA, Biernaskie J, Schuurmans C: Reprogramming skin-derived precursor cells to an induced retinal progenitor cell fate



An evaluation of the ophthalmology on-call system for pediatric emergenciesCote S, Sanders E, Huang J, Astel W, Huang J   (Award Recipient)
Investigating the role of the eyes as the source of zinc input to the circadian system. Moshirpour M, Smith V, Antle M
The effects of long and short wavelength lighting on development of form-deprivation myopia in chickensGhodsi I, Nguyen C, Stell W
Preventing myopia progression by novel blue-LED light therapy: a surrogate for sunlightNguyen C, Stell W
Micro-tissue engineering for retinal transplantAl-Ani A, Dixit R, Touahri Y, Toms D, Rabarjo E, Abdo S, Biernaskie J,  Schuurmans C, Ungrin M
Etv1 transcription factor regulates slit1 gene expression for optic nerve path finding. Yang J, Bertolesi GE, McFarlane S
Pten regulates amacrine cell number by reducing responsiveness to TgfB negative feedback signaling. Tachibana N, Cantrup R, Dixit R, Touhari Y, Zinyk D, Kaushik G, Biernaskie J, McFarlane S, Schuurmans C (Award Recipient)
Avian Adeno-Associated Virus as a Genomic Tool for Manipulaation of the Post-Embryonic Chick RetinaWaldner D, Visser F, Stell W
G-EYE Study: Is the human gut microbiome linked to the development of inflammatory eye disease in patients with inflammatory bowel disease? A pilot, proof-of-concept studyKassam F, Kassam Z, Kaplan G, Aldarmaki A, Williams G. Kherani A, Fielden M, Beck P, Sith M, Alm E
Evaluation of occupational ocular trauma: a call for improvement of workplace eye safety training. Zakrzewskil H, Chung H, Sanders E, Hanson C, Ford B
Semaphorin3F is reqired for normal development of the neurovascular retinaHalabi R, McFarlane S


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(L to R) Amin Kherani (UEF President), Nobuhiko Tachibana, Helen Chung, Michelle Teves, Stephanie Cote, Bryce Ford (Moderator)          Award Recipients