Congratulations to all the presenters at the Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Research Day, held on May 13, 2019 at the Glencoe Club.   The Calgary Eye Foundation is proud to support Research Day.  Our support would not be possible without the funding contributions from the following supporters:  Alcon Canada, Allergan Canada, Bausch + Lomb Canada (Valeant Canada),Glaukos Canada, Johnson & Johnson Vision and Novartis Canada.  

Special thank you to Dr. Al-Ghoul for leading and organizing this event for Calgary’s ophthalmology community.    Thank you to all presenters and their team; your time and talents are outstanding. The CEF appreciates Calgary’s Ophthalmology community for coming together and supporting research and the Calgary Eye Foundation.

2019 Judging panel included: Dr. D. Mah, Dr. W. Stell and Dr. B. Ford

We were pleased to have Dr. Dean Mah join us from Edmonton, as a visiting professor, judge and presenter.   

The following presentations were recognized as outstanding research projects, posters & paper,  each receiving a $500 award from the Calgary Eye Foundation.


A. Gorner 
Refractive and Corneal Outcomes of Simultaneous Trans-epithelial PRK with Corneal Collagen Cross-linkin Keratoconus. A. Gorner, A. Swift, A. Al-Ghoul

D. Toms
Automated Hypothesis Generation to Identify Signals Relevant in the Development of Mammalian Cell and tissue Bioprocesses, with Validation in a Retinal Culture System. D. toms. A. Al-Ani, S. Sunba, V. tong, M. Workentine, M. Ungrin


A. Ragan
 A. Endsin, K. Shock, E. SAnders, J. Bhamra: What’s Old is New Again: Clinical Outcomes of Superficial Keratectomy for Recurrent Corneal Erosion Syndrome

D. Waldner
 T. Bech-Hansen, W. Stell Ectopic Expression of Cacnalf Rescues Vision and Retinal Morphology in a Mouse Model of Congenital Stationary Night Blindness 2A

Dr. Al-Ghoul & Dr. Bonnie Skov, CEF President with award recipients (Bottom-Left)
Complete list of presenters

We appreciate our supporters!