Elizabeth Jolicoeur, Executive Director


Elizabeth Jolicoeur has been the Executive Director for the University Eye Foundation since September 2014. In this capacity, Elizabeth will work alongside the UEF Executive Committee & Board of Directors to support program development for Calgary’s Ophthalmology program within the Foundation’s vision, mission and goals.  Elizabeth also manages the day-to-day operations of the Foundation, supports and initiates funding opportunities, prepares financial statements and ensures all regulatory filings and charitable information returns are completed and files.

Elizabeth’s background includes Non Profit Management certificate from Mount Royal College in 2000, along with intermediate and management accounting courses.   Completed and participated in many charitable course offerings from Centrepoint and Charity Village.   Elizabeth has 14 years of service in the charitable sector, raising over $600,000, preparing financial statements, charitable returns, and a successful nomination of a 2011 Calgary Award for Environmental Achievement Non Profit.

Elizabeth’s passion for the charitable sector will help to support the Foundation’s growth, and make new connections while recognizing those that have supported and contributed to the Eye Foundation for years.