20/20 Conference 2015

This conference is an education and networking conference for Nurses and Technicians supporting and working in Calgary’s Ophthalmology Program.


Pregnancy and the Retina  –   Dr. Michael Fielden

Orthoptists and Patient Care  –  Heather Sandusky

Vitrectomy  –  Dr. Patrick Mitchell

University Eye Foundation –  Elizabeth Jolicoeur

Eye Anatomy, Back to Basics –    Dr. Jonathan Wong

Lions Eye Bank,  –  Mijana Ridic

Lasers – Which, When, Why Who   –   Dr. Amin Kherani

 Thank you to the organizing committee:

Jackie Baker, SAEC Technician                     Joan Goertzen, RGH Surgical Nurse

Karen Janz, Nurse                                            Laura Barry, RGH Technician


In compliance with the Rx&D Code of Conduct, this invitation is extended to Health Care Professionals only. This program is provided by Alcon Pharmaceuticals Canada and Novartis Pharmaceuticals